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Workers Party Pakistan

     Five progressive, leftist political parties, namely National Workers Party Pakistan, Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party (Communist Workers and Peasants Party) Pakistan, Peoples Rights Movement Pakistan (Peoples Resistance), Watan Dost Mazdoor Federation (Patriot Labour Federation) and Awami Mazdoor Anjuman (Peoples Labour Association), along with a number of other progressive democratic groups operating in the different regions of the Pakistan, anti-imperialist intellectuals, trade unionists and enlightened youth, after a series of meetings, discussions and debates have decided on 20-21 March 2010 to merge into a single political party called Workers Party Pakistan.



Workers Party Pakistan, Labour Party Pakistan and Awami Party Pakistan merge together on 11 November 2012 and formed a united party of left "AWAMI WORKERS PARTY".

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Labour Declaration Karachi 2010


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Peasants Conference - March 2005  Toba Tek Singh (Pakistan)


Peoples Democratic Movement (United Front of Pak Left)

Equality, Fraternity, Social Justice  South Asian Peoples Forum UK


Workers Party Pakistan

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